Sunday, 8 December 2013

ERROR MESSAGE "windows is not genuine"


1:  Pop up at the startup "This copy of windows is not geniune" ask to go online and resolve.

2:  Black Screen background wallpaper

3:  Right down corner of the screen "This copy of windows is not Genuine"


This error message usually comes due to illegal windows copy downloaded from internet.Generally it does not happen in the start of the installation of windows but during active use of windows online.The windows installs update and after getting restarted.And suddenly a pop up window comes in front asking to go online and get a license online.

The message becomes little hectic when we regularly use windows.
If you have a license copy then sometimes the key expires and windows asks for the new key online.
But usually the key does not expires,generally some retailers give the cracked copy to customers to fool them and earn money by that.
Beware of these retailers.


This is caused due to the update of windows.There are many security updates of windows but there is one key verification update that checks for the genuine key and blocks the access.


Windows may not works as its full potential.


Firstly whenever you install the windows do not use the recommended settings to get online updates check the last option.If you done it by mistake(Recommended settings) then

go to >control panel > System and security > Windows update(right side) > Change settings(left side) >never check for updates.


"Prevention is better than cure " this is right in this case too.
but still if you want to cure it then

1:  Go to   c\Windows\System, and find WgaTray.exe (do not open).

2:  Open task manager :Task bar(icon bar lower strip) Right click > Open task manager
or ctlr+alt+delete >open task manager

3:  open processes >WgaTray.exe>end process.

4:  come to folder and completely delete(Shift+delete) WgaTray.exe.
you can also right click and open file location to easily get the file.this file open itself within 2 seconds so do this process quickly

5:  Start >Run>regedit(type it and then run) >open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
delete WgaLogon.

6:  Do the prevention process above step and restart windows.

Another best cure is to install new windows with security updates off.or prevent it after installation

please reply if any difficulties


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