Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to Install Whatsapp in pc or Laptop ?

This is the most trending question now days since whatsapp become so popular that everyone wants to use it and because some people work on computer or laptop too much or either they dont have android or iPhone. They possibly cant get into the crowd with whatsapp.So here below some easy steps to install whatsapp on the Computer or laptop.
From the website :

1) If you have an android or iPhone or any other device with whatsapp on it you can open the menu( generally left bottom corner ) the phone and open "WhatsApp Web" a Qr Code scanner will open 
Now in your computer browser open 

And scan the code in the website your whatsapp account will directly connected to the website you have opened in your computer or laptop browser.(Note: Your mobile data should be in turned on during this process after completion of the step it wont be required)

This is the most easiest and the fastest and rather secure process to use whatsapp in your or any computer.

2) There is a software named as "Bluestacks" from the official website and install it in your computer or laptop.It also contains bunch of small whatsapp packages for using it into the messenger also,the official website for bluestacks is :

3)Mozilla firefox os Simulator in firefox is another way to literally get a mobile phone inside your computer or laptop using the firefox( Mozilla browser is necessary) you can directly download the addon from the Mozilla community website

This does not need any restart of browser.and you can download and run thousands of Firefox os apps. you can either get whatsapp there or maybe some emulator app for whatsapp.
Pretty cool for Mozilla to do this.

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       What is robots.txt
The robots.txt is a text file with set of instructions given to the search engine for getting crawled in the web.The robots.txt file can be either left empty or with the instructions.The empty file possibly may not serve any use.So therefore something must be given to that file.That something is explained below.

User-agent: *


User-agent: *
Allow: /

The above two instructions would follow the same procedure that is:

1) User-agent:* => This instruction will allow all the search engine in the world to crawl your webpage as because * is taken as a universal value for a definition.

2) Disallow: or Allow: \ => Well both means the same actually the disallow is used to limit your page in certain search engines but when left blank will possibly allow everyone,Same does the Allow command you can selectively search for the search engines to be allowed or disallowed for your website.

What never write in robots.txt file :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

If you write that code in your robots.txt your page will never be indexed into a search engine. This wont allow any search engine to index the website don't get confused on "/" symbol rather copy paste it from above.

You can either check it on the google webmaster webpage you first have to connect your website with the google webmaster to make it work.For that you have to run its script page in your domain address.Then you can access the google webmaster account,from there you can test and index your page manually i guess, and you can even check your robots.txt whether is it properly working or not.

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Sunday, 8 December 2013


Virus type: trojan

file type: bath file(Shell)


activities :

1:  Copy itself to every drive

2 :  Corrupt the exe file type

3:  Creates exe files like MyProg.exe,and something like mkldgf



1:   Have an an antivirus copy with full update and online scanner.

2:   You can even use the antivirus that are freely available*.


Description :

AutoRun itself means that it runs automatically.That is the automatic executable file.for example:when you insert a pendrive the pendrive's autorun explorer open itself.The trojan can copy itself from the pen drive.
you can prevent it by disabling the autorun from your control panel.mostly it is caused due to the pendrive data transfers.

Like the autorun programs "AUTORUN.INF" is executed when we open a folder or a drive.
And then it copies itself with all the drives including the exe files mentioned above.
The autorun file is Hidden so you have therefore you have to see the hidden files(properties >show hidden files (check)>hide operating system protected files(uncheck))
The AUTORUN.INF file can be easily opened in the notepad but cannot be modified because it is write protected.

It cannot be deleted in normal mode,The exe files with it can be.but there is no advantage.cause it can be resurrected within 2 or 3 seconds by itself.
Even if you were able to delete it somehow then if there is any of its exe files remain in the drive it copys its own files again(recover its files).

The most important part of this virus is that whenever you click refresh or go from one drive to another by double clicking the hidden files disappears because this virus hide them.
after copying its contents this virus starts corrupting the exe files(softwares that you've downloaded).
So that even if you format the computer whenever you install some software(corrupted by this virus).This virus gets back into your computer again.


Cure :


The simplest one:
1:  Download any antivirus and transfer it into pen drive

2:  restart computer press f8 or f10.

3:  open safe mode normal.

4:  view hidden files and folders.

5:  Now you can see that you can even manually delete the autorun.inf from all drives and rest of all the exe files with it.

6:  intall antivirus from the pendrive.

7:  scan the whole computer.

8: open the registry by start > regedit(type in it) > run

DisableTaskMgr = 1
NoFolderOptions = 1
"Worms" = "%System%\logon.bat"

10 :  After whole scan restart computer in normally.


The Hardest One:
1:  ReInstall the operating system(windows) do not open any files or folders from your drive.

2:  Direct install antivirus from internet(you can open control panel to create the internet connection).

3:  Update the antivirus fully

4:  Run the whole scan of your computer.

5:  remove all the threatening files.


*free antivirus : 
You always get Microsoft security Essential free for windows thats the best.
The most famous one is CALMWIN (open source) with CLAM SENTINEL (open source scanner).
There are many other too but not that effective unless full version.
The above two are the full version antiviruses.

If counter any problems write in here

ERROR MESSAGE "windows is not genuine"


1:  Pop up at the startup "This copy of windows is not geniune" ask to go online and resolve.

2:  Black Screen background wallpaper

3:  Right down corner of the screen "This copy of windows is not Genuine"


This error message usually comes due to illegal windows copy downloaded from internet.Generally it does not happen in the start of the installation of windows but during active use of windows online.The windows installs update and after getting restarted.And suddenly a pop up window comes in front asking to go online and get a license online.

The message becomes little hectic when we regularly use windows.
If you have a license copy then sometimes the key expires and windows asks for the new key online.
But usually the key does not expires,generally some retailers give the cracked copy to customers to fool them and earn money by that.
Beware of these retailers.


This is caused due to the update of windows.There are many security updates of windows but there is one key verification update that checks for the genuine key and blocks the access.


Windows may not works as its full potential.


Firstly whenever you install the windows do not use the recommended settings to get online updates check the last option.If you done it by mistake(Recommended settings) then

go to >control panel > System and security > Windows update(right side) > Change settings(left side) >never check for updates.


"Prevention is better than cure " this is right in this case too.
but still if you want to cure it then

1:  Go to   c\Windows\System, and find WgaTray.exe (do not open).

2:  Open task manager :Task bar(icon bar lower strip) Right click > Open task manager
or ctlr+alt+delete >open task manager

3:  open processes >WgaTray.exe>end process.

4:  come to folder and completely delete(Shift+delete) WgaTray.exe.
you can also right click and open file location to easily get the file.this file open itself within 2 seconds so do this process quickly

5:  Start >Run>regedit(type it and then run) >open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
delete WgaLogon.

6:  Do the prevention process above step and restart windows.

Another best cure is to install new windows with security updates off.or prevent it after installation

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

She Did It In Public After Getting Drunk

When facebook users click on the link in the message, it redirect you to fake video page, and scammers secretly hide likes button into play, so when users are clicking on the play button then they are actually likes the message, so now this message also showing on your profile.

So just after clicking play button, the page redirects you to survey page, and claims that you must complete a survey to verify your age before viewing the video.
The page again redirect you to survey page and asking your personal details.
Scammers used this fake facebook scam to earn money through survey or premium service.
Or They use your contacts to expand their premise.
Either way you are going to be the target here so don't ever click on the video even by mistake.

What to Do ?

If you already clicked on the video and trapped in their scam, and provided your mobile phone number, then first block their service, and then remove all status of this scam, which are posting when you are trying to play the video.

Try to Explain others about this scam they often try to use peoples interest to pull up a scam like that.

How to avoid this ?
Most of these scams have links so try to avoid these links if you see one.
On the other hand some of them are harmless because is a type of URL Shortener so many people use it for Shortening their website links.

Comment if the problem is not solved