Sunday, 28 July 2013

She Did It In Public After Getting Drunk

When facebook users click on the link in the message, it redirect you to fake video page, and scammers secretly hide likes button into play, so when users are clicking on the play button then they are actually likes the message, so now this message also showing on your profile.

So just after clicking play button, the page redirects you to survey page, and claims that you must complete a survey to verify your age before viewing the video.
The page again redirect you to survey page and asking your personal details.
Scammers used this fake facebook scam to earn money through survey or premium service.
Or They use your contacts to expand their premise.
Either way you are going to be the target here so don't ever click on the video even by mistake.

What to Do ?

If you already clicked on the video and trapped in their scam, and provided your mobile phone number, then first block their service, and then remove all status of this scam, which are posting when you are trying to play the video.

Try to Explain others about this scam they often try to use peoples interest to pull up a scam like that.

How to avoid this ?
Most of these scams have links so try to avoid these links if you see one.
On the other hand some of them are harmless because is a type of URL Shortener so many people use it for Shortening their website links.

Comment if the problem is not solved